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DISCIPLINE! How to ensure your kid does not end up in jail

It needs to be reiterated that we at The Great Equalizer do not know what the fuck we’re doing. So when we decided to chat about discipline in our latest episode, we did not go into it with the illusion that our kids aren’t assholes. Quite the opposite, actually. In the back of our minds, we’re sussing out their little personalities to figure out what kind of felony they might commit in future and how best to prevent that from happening. In terms of discipline, we are fully aware of the cold, cold winter that lies before us. And so, in fearing for our general wellbeing, we brought in a heavyweight to show us the way.

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MOTHERHOOD and its humanising effect

I decided to kick off The Great Equalizer’s blog posts with a wake up call... My own wake up call. Isn’t that what parenting really is? Getting kicked upside the head when you even start to think that you’ve got your shit together? Getting the rug pulled out from under you the second you let yourself get the slightest bit smug?

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