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KID LIT WEEK: Henry by Megan Andrews

Our next Author Avenger is illustrator, designer, self-proclaimed wannabee hipster and mom of two Megan Andrews. Megan is a Cape Town-based creative with an epically diverse portfolio. This year, Megan dove headfirst into the world of children’s literature and, among other kid lit endeavours, self-published her very own picture flat.

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KID LIT WEEK: My Feeling Friends by Phillippa Morassi

Today we’re going into a bit more detail about our first Author Avenger: the indomitable Phillippa Morassi. Phillippa is an expert friend, registered counsellor, power mom to sunshine child Aurelia and author of the My Feeling Friends series of picture books, which guides children through emotional development and teaches them the appropriate coping skills for some heavy feelings that even we, as adults, might struggle with. 

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