5 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT... the Johannesburg Children's Home


In the world of The Great Equalizer, a promise is a promise and, in our last episode on New Year’s Resolutions, we promised to hook everyone up with some more details about the Johannesburg Children’s Home. 

As we mention in the episode,  we were privileged enough to attend the home’s Christmas party, where we interviewed the managing director, Annette Brokensha. There were a few big takeaways from the day’s experience, but something that stood out most for us was the realisation that many charity organisations and nonprofits like the children’s home mostly see an influx of donations around the festive season and in Madiba month. It makes sense that that’s when people would be feeling generous and charitable. Out of sight, out of mind (and vice-versa). 

And so, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to remind everyone that children’s needs extend beyond December and July and that, no matter how much time or money you have or don’t have, there is always something you can do to help. 


Donations are, of course, always welcome. But here are some things you may not have know about the home that could serve you and, in turn, serve the home (everyone wins!).

1)  The Johannesburg Children’s home sells party platters to the public. So if you’re looking for someone to cater the food for your next big do, hit them up!


2)  The Johannesburg Children’s home has a guest house. If you have family staying over from afar, or any other out-of-town guests, look no further than the home’s B&B. It’s located in an affordable, upmarket environment and can accommodate up to nine people in five rooms.

3)  The Johannesburg Children’s Home has a laundry service that washes, dries and irons blankets, duvets, bedlinen and towels. So if you can’t keep up with your family’s mounds, or you’ve got a washing machine to repair while the dirty linen stacks up, don’t forget about this initiative.


4)  The Johannesburg Children’s Home has a mentorship programme that provides adult role models to mentor children through one-on-one relationships (the application process for this will soon get under way so head on over to the website to find out more). Alternatively, you can be a Homework Hero and help primary school goers each afternoon with their homework, or teach IT skills (such as blogging, web design and coding) to some of the high school learners. In fact, if you have any teachable skill at all and an hour or two a week to give, you have something to offer the home.


5)  The Johannesburg Children’s Home has a charity shop. If Mari Kondo  has you chucking out anything and everything that doesn’t spark joy for you in the new year, take your unwanted belongings to the charity shop or, better yet, volunteer there for a couple of hours a week.


The list goes on guys. We all say that charity starts at home and the Johannesburg Children’s Home definitely lives up to this. We are truly amazed at these income-generating initiatives.

Hey, Johannesburg Children’s Home! We see you. We salute you. You are doing a great job!

So this serves as a reminder to you, Great Equalizer listener, that there is always something you can offer. Be it time, expertise, money, groceries or donations. And if you’re really at a loss but wanting to offer something, feel free to give the home a call and simply ask.  

Charlene telling Annette Brokensha, MD of the Johannesburg Children’s Home, about how much we swear in each of our podcast episodes. Oops.

Charlene telling Annette Brokensha, MD of the Johannesburg Children’s Home, about how much we swear in each of our podcast episodes. Oops.

It truly does take a village to raise a child, especially when it comes to abused, neglected or unwanted children. These are our adults of tomorrow, so let’s do our part in raising them. 

If you want to know more about the home, what they’re about and how they operate on the daily, please give the episode a listen. The home’s MD, Annette, goes into detail about what a day in the life of the home looks like and addresses common misconceptions about children’s charity organisations. Also, feel free to drop us an email at thegreatequalizer.za if you’re inspired to do something and need some more direction.