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 This is The Great Equalizer, an honest, unfiltered and (at times) irreverent parenting podcast about the realities of being a mom (or dad!) in modern Jozi.



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Episode 11: JEALOUS MOMS!


This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam is but a shadow of her former self, Charlene is lost and we talk jealous moms! Let’s admit it for a second, we’ve all had bouts of jealousy and moments of inadequacy among others who seem to have their shit together more than we do. Jealousy makes implementing #nojudgies infinitely harder! So tune in and unpack this with us. ALSO, we catch you up on all our giveaways and what’s next on The Great Equalizer.

Episode 11: DISCIPLINE!


This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam met a boy and now she’s in love. Charlene is tired of being tired and we’re talking corporal punishment... JOKES! But we do chat to discipline guru Dereck Jackson who gives us some tips on how to wrangle our kids. Dereck is no Jesus, nor is his book the gospel BUT, if you're struggling to lay down the law, there are some super useful tips and tricks here and it's definitely worth a listen.

Episode 10: BOOKS!


On this episode of The Great Equalizer, Sam's house is haunted, Charlene is sporting a holiday tan (not) and we talk children's picture books with the gals from Love Books in Melville. PLUS: We showcase four self-made female authors who are killing it in the local book market, and we've teamed up with Kids’ Book Club who is offering one lucky listener something special this festive season. Stay tuned till the end!

Episode 9: CHRISTMAS!


On the latest of The Great Equalizer, Sam is literally the worst, Charlene is taking a breather from projectile vomit BUT it’s all okay because… CHRISTMAS!

Also, we've got your definitive Christmas 2018 gift guide, curated by local paediatric occupational therapist and founder of Sensational Kids, Debbie Mobbs. You're welcome!

Bonus Episode! Being Frank on Tees for Titties


On this bonus episode of The Great Equalizer, we talk tieties, tatas, boobies and breasts with the ladies from Being Frank. This uber cool duo are using design to bring about social change, and they've teamed up with Colourspun and Knitted Knockers South Africa to get people thinking about breast cancer beyond the month of October.

Episode 8: Kids’ Birthday Parties


This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam is feeling better (thanks for asking), Charlene is on autopilot, and we talk kids’ birthday parties. In the spotlight: Insta-mommy @thee_blackgeisha_chinadoll and mom blogger Being Me Jen.

Also, we talk titties and ta-tas with the ladies from Being Frank.

Episode 7: Never Would I Ever


This week Charlene and Sam discuss things they vowed NEVER to do as parents and how they’ve fallen short of most of those promises. Whoops.

We also chat to the lovely ladies behind #MamaMeetUpSA, Rattle and Mum’s Tanya Kovarsky and Mascara & Mimosa’s Sarah Booyens.

Bonus Episode! Children’s book illustrator Megan Bird


In this mini-episode, Sam speaks to Megan Bird, who is not only an effortlessly cool mom, but also an amazing graphic design artist and illustrator, who this year started illustrating children’s books, including a locally illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland, another called What on Earth Am I? (by Lara Salomon) and most recently The Brave Turtle (by Brad Harris), which is literally hot off the presses. (Pic by Bernard Brand)

Episode 6: Mom Friends


Making mom friends might not be as easy as we think it is. And holding onto friendships post baby? Infinitely harder. This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam is solo parenting (again), Charlene has had quite enough, and we talk about keeping and making friends after you become a mom. We also chat about Scary Mommy's hilarious but on-point Mother Judger video and... WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY! So stay tuned till the end of the episode to see how you can WIN with The Great Equalizer.

Episode 5: Child Care


This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam calls child services on her ass, Charlene takes stock of what’s important, and we chat about who you leave your child with when they’re not with you.

Sam also chats to Charlene about this week’s sponsor: Littlies Nanny Agency.

Episode 4: Maintenance Night


This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam gets a sneak peak of what’s to come, Charlene is drowning in her kids’ bodily fluids, and we chat about getting intimate.

*Bow chicka wow wow*

P.S. If you raised and/or gave birth to Sam or Charlene (or their spouses), now would be a good time to head on over to the safety of Episode 5.

Episode 3: Self Care


This week on The Great Equalizer, Charlene wades through a sea of emotions and Sam gets her ducks in a row.

Also, we are talking SELF CARE. Do you know what that is? Neither do we! Jokes aside, we come to realise that being the best versions of ourselves is not necessarily cosmetic… Who knew?

Episode 2: Lowering Our Expectations


On this episode of The Great Equalizer, Sam doesn't know which way is up or down and Charlene's taking it One. Step. At. A. Time.

We also talk about lowering our expectations as mothers. Could this be the coping mechanism we need to ease the pressure of "perfection"? To minimise disappointment and failure?

Episode 1: Hello!


On this first episode of The Great Equalizer, we give some insight into who we are, who we are as mothers, where we find ourselves in this crazy phase of life, and why we've decided to open up about it.

We also mention a blog post by Janelle Hantchett of Renegade Mothering titled I Became a Mother and Died to Live. Read it here.

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